QP-2 Pump Series

CatalogueNo. WES002012


NEW! 2”engine driven pump「QP-2」series!!

ModelQP-2, QP-2B

  • QP-2  General purpose.
    Washing of agricultural/construction equipments or vehicles.
    Irrigation, transfer water & pumping shallow well water.
    Water Supply to Water tank reserver.
  • QP-2B  Semi-Trash.
    Transfer of water containing small amount of sands.
    2″ Semi-Trash Model QP-2B is designed in view of economical point for light duty operation.
  • ★Quicker priming.
    ★Removable suction port!
    ★Fasten with 6 bolts provides excellent durability!
    ★High durability “FC made Volute & SIC Mechanical seal” (only for QP-2B/GX120)

QP Diesel Engine Pump Catalogue

CatalogueNo. WES002006


Construction Grade Heavy Duty! Design Rugged High volume Pumps!

ModelQP-205SD,QP-205SLD,QP-T205SLTD,QP-305SLD,QP-310SXD,QP-310SLD,QP-402SXD,QP-402SLD,QP-402D TD,QP-2D,QP-303D,QP-402D,QP-602D,QP-2BD,QP-203TD,QP-305D,QP-40TD,QP-60TD

  • Trash Pump (Mudy Water Handling)
  • High Pressure Pump Series!!    Push water higher & further!
  • Life Extending Type for Sea Water Application!!
  • Big Flow Pump!!

QP High Pressure Pumps Catalogue

CatalogueNo. WEC001905


Large variety of our high pressure pumps with various range.


  • Push water higher & further For the sprinkler systems.
  • Remarkable High Head series with Twin Impellers.
  • Fire fighting, High pressure cleaning!! 
  • High pressure Pumps With high durable “KUBOTA” or “YANMAR” Diesel Engines.

QP Trash Pump Catalogue

CatalogueNo. WET001904


QP Dewatering Trash Pumps are the best choice for Tough, Construction, Municipal and Industrial applications.


  • 6 Inch Trash Pump Series !Construction Grade Heavy Duty Design Rugged High volume Pumps!
  • Ultimate Pump QP-3Ti with Intelligence !
    Automatic operation mode. Manual Operation. Additional Features.
  • Matsusaka offers the first integrated noise cancelling design Ultra Silent Trash Pump with
    unique sound attenuated manifold system. Long operating run time (4.6 hour) with large fuel tank (11L)

MATSUSAKA QP-PUMP Product Guide For your Quick Choice

CatalogueNo. WES001703


Wide product line up to meet the various needs!

  • Centrifugal General Purpose pumps
  • High Pressure pumps
  • Power Sprayer pumps
  • Trash Muddy Water pumps
  • Sea Water Application pumps

LIFE EXTENDING TYPE with Gasoline engine for Sea Water Application

CatalogueNo. WESHG1803


Transfer ・High Pressure・For washing “fishing net”, etc...Driven by HONDA Marine engine


  • All Stainless Fittings !
  • Zinc contained drain cap for preventing galvanic corrosion!
  • Rust Prevention device on Hose Joint & Hose Clamp Band.
  • Galvanized Rollover Frame.
  • 2” inch outlet port available.

iNTUITIVE Automatic3″ Trash Pump

CatalogueNo. WESHG1405


QP Ultimate Pump QP-3Ti with Intelligence !!


  • Automatic Fill & Drain function!
  • Simpler & Easier Handing !
  • A visual guidance to the correct operation status of the engine by pilot lamps on the control panel !

KUBOTA Diesel Engine

CatalogueNo. WESKX1509


QP Pump for Various Applications!

ModelQP-303D/OC60, QP-402D/OC60, QP-602D/OC95, QP-205SLD/OC60, QP-T205SLTD/OC95, QP-203TD etc・・・

  • We have the largest selection of QP pump driven by KUBOTA diesel engine.!
  • Centrifugal general purpose pumps !
  • High-head/ Pressure pumps !
  • Trash pumps for dewatering !

Semi Trash & Heavy Duty Trash Pump Series

CatalogueNo. WETHG1004


Honda Gasoline Engine Driven Trash Pumps for your demanding jobs !

ModelQP2B/GX120,QP305H/GX160,QP402H/GX240,QP203TH,QP301TH/GX240, QP40TH/GX340,QP602H/GX390

  • QP Semi Portable, Compact & Handy Trash Pumps from 2 “-4″(QP2B/QP305/QP402)for Sandy Water Handling, are designed from economical point of view !
  • QP Powerful Trash Pumps handle large amounts of water contained sands & debris !
  • Large Cleanout Cover attached to Volute casing allows easy access without removing suction hose !
  • Abrasion resistant Seals are available!

Honda High Power Gasoline Engine

CatalogueNo. WESHG1404



  • QP 205S
    2 Inch High Pressure Pump!
    Max.Head: 75m
    Max.Flow: 400 l/min
  • QP 2
    2 Inch Centrifugal Pump!
    Max.Head: 30m
    Max.Flow: 600 l/min
  • QP 303
    3 Inch Centrifugal Pump!
    Max.Head: 32m
    Max.Flow: 1000 l/min


CatalogueNo. WEP001307


Ideal & Economical Choice!

ModelQP-PS25,QP-PS45,QP-PS25E / PS45E

  • High Performance power sprayer series to meet to your diverse needs !
  • An engine drive sprayer with Honda / Mitsubishi & a bare pump !

Honda Air Cooled Gasoline Engine Driven QP Pump

CatalogueNo. WEAHG1307


Centrifugal General Purpose pumps!


  • QP1/GX25 mini four-stroke engine ! Ultra Light Weight gives you powerful performance in the field !
  • Lightweight 4”Diecasted Pump Model: QP-402 performs to 30m Maximum head (m) & 1600 Maximum flow capacity (L/min)
  • 6”x 6” QP-602/GX390 with OHV engine adoption makes it possible large flow out in emergency dewatering ・ ・ 20m Maximum Head (m) & 2900 Maximum Flow capacity (L/min)

HONDA engine driven

CatalogueNo. WECHG1003


Push water higher & further!

ModelQP305S/GX160,QP305SL/GX240,QP402S/GX240,QP402SL/GX390, QP402SX/GX390,QP-T405SLT/GX390

  • GX160・GX240[GX270]・GX390 adopted on a various size of High Pressure Pumps for wider choice in different application!
  • Max Head from 50m upto 115m ! Max Flow from 480L/minute upto 1400L/minute !
  • Versatile enough for a various applications-emergency standby for high risk place of fire, water transfer, water-trailer Mount-On for Boom Spraying, Wash-Down Equipment on job site or deep well jetting!

4 lnch High-Power High-Presseure Pump

CatalogueNo. WECHG1307


Big size/ High pressure & Large volume Pump

ModelQP-402SX & QP-402SL

  • Incredible high performance !
    Max. Head 70m, Max. Capacity 750L/min ・・・ QP-402SX  
    Max. Head 50m, Max. Capacity 1400L/min ・・・ QP-402SL
  • For pushing up water Higher & Further!
  • For washing down & Cleaning!
  • For Fire Fighting with big flow !
  • For sprinkler use!

Matsusaka High Pressure Pump

CatalogueNo. WECHG0912


Push water higher & further!

ModelQP-105SX/GXH50,154SX/GXH50,205SH/GX160,205SX/GX160, T205SLT/GX270, T205SLT/GX390

  • GXH50・GX160・GX270・GX390 adopted on a various size of High Pressure Pumps for wider choice in different application!
  • Max Head from 60m upto 95m ! Max Flow from 110?/minute upto 480L/minute !
  • Don’t hesitate for asking your high pressure-specification required!

Yanmar Air Cooled Diesel Engine Driven QP Pump

CatalogueNo. WEAYD0912


QP Self priming Centrifugal Diesel Pump-Irrigation Series


  • Available for Max Flow of 600L/minute upto 2500L/minute!
  • Self-Priming Centrifugal & Quick Priming !

Yanmar Air Cooled Diesel Engine Driven QP High Pressure Pump

CatalogueNo. WECYD0909


Push water higher & further


  • Available for max head of 50m upto 90m with max flow of 400L/minute upto 1250L/minute !
  • You can choose from 2″, 2.5″ 3″ upto 4″ with single discharge or 3 way outlet ! 
  • A wheel kit, fire threads suppliable upon application !

Yanmar Air Cooled Diesel Driven QP Trash Pump

CatalogueNo. WETYD1508


Sandy & Muddy Water Handing Heavy Duty QP Trash Pump


  • QP Powerful Trash Pumps handle large amounts of water contained sands & debris !
  • Large Cleanout Cover attached to Volute casing allows easy access without removing suction hose ! 
  • Abrasion resistant Seals are available!