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Diameter (mm) Suction x Discharge 100×100
Maximum head (m) 28
Maximum flow capacity (L/min) 1400
Packing dimension (mm, L x W x H) 715×473×757
Gross weight(kg) 66
Engine Hose power(PS) 6
Engine manufacturer Yanmar 、Kubota
The photo shows:Yanmar engine mounted. 



  • Ideal for Dewatering applications demanding to transfer of large volume, to minimize its working time.
  • Suitable for light-construction in moving dirty water mixed with some sands & slurries.
  • Does some residential jobs as Dewatering basements or swimming pools.
  • Irrigation in a big farming where requires large volime of water to be moved.


  • For such a big body of pump case, Pump Casing, back plate,big suction & discharge ports are made of Alunimum-Diecast Alloy which make it reduce its weight while the wearing inner components such as impeller and inner case are designed tough against abrasion, worn-out by the material of Cast iron.
  • This 4Inch pump in its design also permits to handel water contained with relatively large amounts of solids.

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